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Hello, my name is Deidre aka the CopperDoc, one of the most well-known craftswoman in the greater Los Angeles area.  Giving  credit to intermittent night classes, a metallurgist, other skilled crafts people, technology periodicals, my elders and beautiful people like you. 


These are the foundations that help create the triangle that forms my aesthetic–the mental gymnastics of thought, the transformation of elements and the technology of machines.   This cycle includes a multitude of interpersonal relationships and collaborative experiences in order to bring art into fruition. 


I earned the name “The Copper Doctor” based on the folk wisdom that copper possesses curative powers as a remedy for arthritis.  I guess you can say my overall mission is to provide for you healing relief by creating for you a beautiful piece of wearable art. 


I have always been self-motivated and driven to create art that ranges from clothing, doorknobs, lights and furniture, to graphics and websites.  Art is just in me, waiting to transform into beautiful creation–therefore I have not done any apprenticeships.  Each of my pieces tells stories of life processes; change, movement, obstacles, jubilation, patience, spirituality, travels, prayers, manipulation, discovery, and the interdependency of all life forms.  I have an ancestral duty to pass that on.  Ancestral inspiration guides all my work; I take pure raw materials and turn them into living art. –D.G.

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