Facts And Questions

How do I participate in the event?

You can sign up as a Seminar attendee to receive all the updated information via email and receive a participation certificate. The event is totally free. Please, sign up here: https://forms.gle/ASsC2GPJGnXv7KnS9 If you do not want to register, you can access the links available on our website during the event.

Which online platform will be used during the event?

The talks and round tables (Monday to Friday morning) will be live streamed through the UFSM's Farol platform, with interaction of listeners through the platform's chat; The panels will take place through the Google Meet platform in simultaneous rooms on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, you must choose which panels interest you most; The hubs presentations will take place through the Google Meet and Zoom platforms on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; The other activities will be also carried out through the Google Meet and Zoom platforms.

How to access those platforms?

To access the Farol platform, just click on the link provided; To access meetings on Google Meet, also click on the link provided; To access the presentations on Zoom, you must download the application on your computer or mobile phone.

Will there be translation during the event?

Morning activities will be translated from Portuguese into English or from English into Portuguese, excepting the “South dialogues” roundtable which will be translated from Spanish and Portuguese into English. The conversation with the Tradere Group on Monday night will be in Portuguese and English. The other activities will not have translation, please choose panels and performances according to the language of the title works.

Will any activity have a limit on the number of participants?

The show “Crescer pra passarinho” on Wednesday, at 8pm, will be directed to health professionals limited to 12 people, with earlier registration. The show “The Voice In Your Head” on Saturday, at 9:00am, will be limited to 15 people, with earlier registration.

Will the activities be recorded for those who are unable to participate during the live stream?

Some of the talks and round tables will remain available on the UFSM's Farol platform and can be accessed through the same link as the live stream. The other activities will not be recorded.

What are the practices scheduled for 8:30am? Who can participate?

The practices are open to everyone who wishes to carry out contemplative practices. There will be meditative moments performed through the Google Meet platform.

What is the Friday night “Time to get together”?

It will be a time for socializing through the Google Meet platform to everyone who is interested in talking about the event, their work, their groups, their universities, their countries, etc.

Will there be workshops during the event?

Yes, but in the following week, as an extension to the Seminar. Registration will open soon and the information will be available through the website and email to those enrolled in the Seminar.